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  • Service program creation

    Good day!
    I am writing general purpose C ++ code (functions and classes) for use in C ++ programs. I want to arrange it in the form of a service program. In this regard, I have several questions.

    1. What value should be specified in the EXPORT parameter? If you specify * SRCFILE, then you need to prepare a list of exported symbols. But I have no idea how to do this when symbols from C ++ code look something like "End__Q3_3oli2v118Db2StringBaseConstXTQ3_3oli2 v19D b2String_CFv".

    2. If you specify * ALL in the EXPORT parameter, will there be problems when updating the library? For example, a library will be installed, several programs will use it. Further, several separate functions and methods will be added to the library in existing classes (the existing functions and methods, of course, will not change). Further, the new version of the library replaces the old one. Will there be a need to rebuild existing programs?

    3. What other options for assembling the service program would you recommend?