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LMI (Rocket Dev Ops) + SQL View + an SQL function

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  • LMI (Rocket Dev Ops) + SQL View + an SQL function

    This crosses over a couple of areas and I'm not sure if my problem is within the VIEW, the FUNCTION or the way we have Lmi set up.

    We use Rocket DevOps core for IBM i Rel 10.2 - green screen version for our coding and implementation.
    I've been asked to create an SQL VIEW that uses an SQL FUNCTION to pull in part dimensions and format them.
    Typically, when I've had a function or procedure use another function, I've just done something like this: (VALUES &LIB.FUNCTIONNAME( '---',FIELD)) and it has compiled just fine.
    For this VIEW, the compiler isn't finding FUNCTIONNAME.

    FUNCTIONNAME is spelled correctly and exists in a library in my library list.
    I can use my VIEW via iAccess so I'm fairly confident that the SQL for the VIEW is correct.

    I imagine I just need a kick in the head (or more coffee!) Does anyone have any thoughts about what I can try to get this to work? Or am I off my rocker here?

    Why, yes, I'm off my rocker! I had &LIB where I didn't need it. it shouldn't be in this statement: (VALUES &LIB.FUNCTIONNAME( '---',FIELD))​ Do'h!
    Last edited by MelissaG; April 25, 2024, 09:33 AM. Reason: Figured it out - had a &LIB where I didn't need it - sometimes I just can't see my own typing!