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Getting a list of files existing in chosen directory

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  • Getting a list of files existing in chosen directory

    Hi *,
    I'm trying to connect to sftp server using password authentication in CL program. I've found, that I can do this:

    My connection is successful, but now I'm trying to do some operations there.

    The one of steps looks like:
    printf "get /home/milbank/vpncfg.txt\nquit\n" | serverUserID@server

    but in this place I'd like to do something like this (go to dir, create a list of files, get this list, quit):
    printf "cd /home/myusr\nls > lista.txt\nget lista.txt\nquit\n" | serverUserID@server

    Log of 'ls' operation shows:
    sftp> ls > lista.txt
    debug3: Sent message fd 4 T:7 I:4
    debug3: Received stat reply T:101 I:4
    debug1: Couldn't stat remote file: No such file or directory
    Can't ls: "/home/myusr/>" not found
    sftp> quit

    I'm completely newbie in scripts area and don't want advices like "you can do it simplier using..." or "you can do it on another way". Copy-paste is the only way I understand in scripts world I'd like to connect on the way shown in the article, but I don't know, how to prepare printf statement to generate a file with a list of files in given directory, and then download this file.

    Directrory /home/myusr/ on remote exists, authority ok, 'pwd' command gives the correct directory afer cd /home/myusr/.
    I've tried to do this from terminal by call qp2term -> ssh serverUserID@server. Command ls > lista.txt gave me exactly what I wanted. But I can't do that using sftp client. Is it even possible? I completely don't understand "Couldn't stat remote file: No such file or directory" in this log. Is it some administrative task or ​it's simply not possible to ls to file with sftp client?