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Send Message through IBM CLIENT MQ

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  • Send Message through IBM CLIENT MQ

    I need to send a message to a queue and I have seen that it can be done through IBM MQ CLIENT, I have installed it, but I am not able to do anything, I can't find a manual to do it.

    How can I send a message to a queue from a pgm that is an emulator?

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    Have you studied the examples here ?

    These are mainframe oriented but COBOL is COBOL pretty much.

    Edit: You really haven't looked very hard it seems - simply googling "ibm mq examples rpg" produces this web page which gives IBM i specific examples in RPG COBOL and C!

    P.S. The program is NOT an emulator. It is an interactive program which runs on a 5250 terminal - which may indeed be being emulated by a software emulator such as ACS.
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