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Best RPG Documentation ?

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  • Best RPG Documentation ?

    I'm trying to find a good link to RPG Programming documentation, showing all the operation codes with examples, easily searchable etc. I have come across some IBM PDF documents, but they seem clunky to navigate and not as helpful as I hoped for.
    I am using an Iseries Ver 7.2

    Any links or suggestions ?

    Thanks in Advance,.

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    Jim Buck's book (the one used by most colleges) is on sale right now. There are ePub and PDF versions available which I would assume are searchable but you might want to contact the publisher to be sure. https://www.mc-store.com/collections...ming-in-rpg-iv

    Are you trying to learn or just improve your skills? Google usually works for me if I need examples.


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      I was fairly competent on the AS/400 20+ years ago. But a lot has changed, and I am "rusty", so I would like a reference manual. Mainly to look up RPG OP Codes, D-Specs etc... easily & quickly, and scroll through them to see new things I don't know about. Not looking for in depth reading at the moment.

      I remember the old Sys/38 manuals had all the OP Codes listed alphabetically, and could flip through them to see what's available. Sometimes I'd come across a new thing to try, that I would not have specifically looked up, because I didn't know it existed.
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        The fact that you say D-spec means you're a few years out of date <grin>

        If you look at my Authory.com page www.authory.com/jonparisandsusangantner/ you'll see a series on the the Geezers Guide to free-form. Take a look at that. There are many other articles there too.
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          Thanks for your various replies !

          PS...I think there's a blank space in your link.
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            Thanks - I've edited it.

            By the way - the book you might get the most benefit from is the "Sorcerer's Guide" RPG Redbook. Really the original one would serve you better but sadly IBM has removed it and replaced it with an updated version that omits a lot of material. You can find the new one here http://www.redbooks.ibm.com/abstracts/sg245402.html. Since we have the rights to distribute the original I'll see if I can arrange a link for that too and will add it here later.

            The modernization redbook might give you some ideas of where IBM i is going these days https://www.redbooks.ibm.com/redbooks/pdfs/sg248185.pdf

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            OK - I think I have the original; redbook set up for download - you can find it here: systemideveloper.com/downloads/Original_RPG_Redbook_sg245402.pdf

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          Thanks for those documents !

          I also just found this, which I think is what I was originally looking for.


          Plenty of reading to do now !
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