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Split multipage TIFF into many pages

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  • Split multipage TIFF into many pages

    Hi there

    I have a conversion job where I need to split hundreds of multipage TIFF files into individual TIFF files for each page, does any of you know of a program that can do it for me? It MUST be a native OS/400 ILE program, and I need to run automatically at night time.

    I hope that some of you can help



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    Re: Split multipage TIFF into many pages

    I wrote one years ago to handle Mod:ca documents. I dont know of anything written already for Tiff, but basically all you have to do is to read the stream file and extract out each pages image data, then wrap each page with the Tiff wrappers. The easiest way to reverse engineer this is to look at a couple of single page Tiff documents, find the wrapper stuff that goes around the actual image, and simply wrap that around each page you extract into its own stream file.

    Also, you can check this link on Scott Klements page.

    I havent tried using it, but it allows image manipulation.
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