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Oracle Service Bus (OSB) to IFS

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  • Oracle Service Bus (OSB) to IFS

    Not sure if this is completely IBM I Series related.

    We have a requirement where one of our application teams are trying to access a file on the IFS using the Oracle Service Bus (OSB). However we were only able to access the DB2 area and not the IFS.

    Has anyone every tried this before? IF so, what would it take to instruct the OSB to access the IFS?

    When we connect manually we issue "quote site namefmt 1" to switch it. However we could not find such a provision on the OSB Or maybe we are just not looking in the correct place.

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    Re: Oracle Service Bus (OSB) to IFS

    I'm not familiar with Oracle Service Bus, but a quick google search says it's an add-on to Oracle SOA that helps make something (unclear what) more agile. Presumably, this is related to web services for Oracle-based products?

    I don't understand what this has to do with an FTP command. (quote site namefmt 1) or how it relates to accessing IBM i.


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      Re: Oracle Service Bus (OSB) to IFS

      One of the teams is trying to access a file which is being created on the IFS using the OSB but is unable to. When we specified the folder to access within the OSB, instead of looking for a folder in the IFS, it is looking for a library within QSYS.

      When we do normal FTP from windows or another AS400, we usually need to provide the "Namefmt 1" or "Quote site namefmt 1" command to switch the access to the IFS root directory instead of QSYS.

      Wanted to know how this can be achieved using the OSB.


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        Re: Oracle Service Bus (OSB) to IFS

        Does this OSB thing use FTP to communicate with IBM i? Again, I have never heard of this OSB thing before... I suspect that the reason you haven't received other replies is the same thing -- nobody here is familiar with OSB.

        Yes, I'm aware of what "namefmt 1" does in FTP. I'm familiar with FTP, but I'm not familiar wth OSB.

        I know that when people are using tools that use FTP to communicate with the system, but aren't familiar wtih IBM's extensions to the FTP environment, they often find it useful to configure the FTP server's defaults like this:
        This way, the FTP server starts in nanefmt 1 (and you'd have to do "namefmt 0" if you wanted library format). This will make it work very much like any standard Unix FTP server, so existing software that doesn't know about IBM's extensions will "just work". But, I don't know if that helps here since I'm not familiar with OSB or whether it uses FTP


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          Re: Oracle Service Bus (OSB) to IFS

          Well the problem on the OSB side is that it does not allow for additional commands to be specified and hence unable to issue the namefmt 1 command. I thought, perhaps, there is some option on the OSB which would be the equivalent of doing this. But no luck on that end.

          Being not so familiar on the administration side of the IBM I, is there a way of defaulting the file system to the IFS when logging into the system via FTP? Perhaps at the user profile level?

          Edit: Just realized that the CHGFTPA command mentioned by you does exactly that.

          However would this change the defaults for all FTP correct?
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            Re: Oracle Service Bus (OSB) to IFS

            I agree with Scott and don't understand why do you need ftp to "access" file on IFS. OSB can be directed to access a file on other servers right? IFS can be reached by the NetServer server on IBM i and it acts like an Windows server on the network. If you have NetServer active you should be capable of accessing IFS files and do writes, reads or whatever you need.


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              Re: Oracle Service Bus (OSB) to IFS

              Yes, this changes the defaults for the FTP server for all users.


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                Hello.. After so many years after this post was initiated originally, I have come to same scenario and need to pull libraries and members of AS400 for my oracle service bus/managed file transfer (oracle OSB/ Oracle MFT).
                vikramx, I couldn't find any final solution here, thus could could please help if you remember what you had done that time to make OSB and AS400 work together.
                For more details : -