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Setting CCSID = 1200 (UTF16) for the stream file.

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  • Setting CCSID = 1200 (UTF16) for the stream file.

    I am copying UTF16 file on iSeries via SFTP.
    Copied streamfile gets CCSID = 912 (OK).
    I change the attribute to UTF16=1200 (CHGATR) and the streamfile bacames corrupted (there are different characters on the hex level before and after change).

    Do you know how to correctly change CCSID 912-> 1200?
    Any suggestions?

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    How are you changing the CCSID? I have never noticed the hex values changing as a result of changing the CCSID - as far as I know it only changes the files attributes.


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      I agree, I've never heard of CHGATR changing the data in the file, it only changes the file's attributes. If the hex value is different, likely the program that's reading the file to get the hex values is translating it differently... which isn't good, I wouldn't trust the hex values of a program if it's translating it, too.