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Automatically Mapping IFS on Windows

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  • Automatically Mapping IFS on Windows

    Hi all,

    I think this is a very common problem, so I doubt my search skills for not having found a solution yet:

    There are IBM i users that are Windows users as well.
    We have a Windows script ask for their IBM i name and passwort and connect from there.

    How can we automatically map an IFS share without hard-coding IBM i passwords in a script?

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    Have that script or program run or call NET USE commands or a batch file to run them that maps drives. The user name, and password, and ifs share/drive letter would be parameters.

    If you wanted it fancy, you could put a file listing the share and drive letter for each mapping that user needs in a file and read/process it.

    Post the script you use (or link to it) that does the connect. If you do, maybe I'll post a simple version of the batch file.


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      Sorry for not having answered yet. I read your comment in March and I was sure I replied then. Thanks for your answer. We decided to build a more sensible IFS structure and better user rights management.