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9407-M15 Power 520 cache battery replace

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  • kitvb1
    They are very good and very competant.

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  • zurich777
    started a topic 9407-M15 Power 520 cache battery replace

    9407-M15 Power 520 cache battery replace

    Hello everyone.
    Few days ago I've noticed that my system performance are poor.
    At QSYSOPR I got CPPEA12, and at WRKPRB I see System reference code "SRC57B78008", problem category "Critical", and Reporting device type "57B7"
    Status of all 4 SAS disks is "Degraded".
    This is obvious cache battery problem. Machine service is not covered by IBM because is pretty old (2009.)
    I've ordered a new one on E-bay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Akku-Batter...sAAOSwLh5dFJYH
    I think that should be it..

    According to https://www.ibm.com/support/knowledg...ror_state_ibmi , it turnes out that system must be on during the procedure.

    Just to mention, my OS is v5r4.

    Is it necessary to force battery pack into error state in System service tools because I'm planning to shut down system during replace? Is it safe to change battery while system is off?

    And one more question... In future, I'm planning to send this machine to retirement, and migrate all RPG programs and databases to some IBM i midrange hosting like http://www.rzkh.de/ .
    Does anyone has experience with them? I've tried their free pub400.com service, and seems OK. But, how reliable they are for bussiness?