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Help with tape expiration dates

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  • Help with tape expiration dates

    Good morning to y'all,

    On the company where I work we daily perform a Backup which takes two LTO7 tapes.

    As soon as the backup finishes it changes the expiration date of the tapes and adds 7 days from the date on which them were used.

    The case here is that one of the tapes is always one day late on the brms catalog and we have to adjust it by hand every day and this causes failures sometimes (Because we expect to have two tapes available and we notice that we just forgot to expire them by hand)

    Here is an example

    000042 + *ACT 17/02/20 23/02/20 TAPMLB04 *NONE DIARIA
    000043 + *ACT 17/02/20 24/02/20 TAPMLB03 *NONE DIARIA

    Can someone please help me, this situation is starting to bug out my older, wiser colleagues as we're losing some precious overnight backup windows because the backups can't start

    Best regards

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    you need to check the retention on the STRBKUBRM command.


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      I think your save completes after midnight so the second tape will expire 1 day later as the last item written to the tape will have a different write date than the first item written to that tape.

      if this is the case then you probably need to set you retention to 6 days.



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        When you say your backup adds 7 days, does that mean you are doing it manually or BRMS is doing this? If you are manually adding days to the expiry, why aren't you using a media policy with the correct number of retention days?
        If the reason for the 1 day difference is because a backup is starting after midnight, BRMS has a feature where you can tell it what time a new day starts so if a backup starts after midnight, it will still use the previous day. This is controlled in the system policies. The default is midnight but can be changed.


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          As PaulGiddy points out it's a timing issue with BRMS. When the backup runs vs. when the BRMS maintenance runs to expire tapes. 99% of my customers use the retention - 1 technique as suggested. Also as john.sev99 points out the media class should be determining the retention so if you want 7 days, and BRMS maintenance runs every morning (say 05:30 Hrs) then you set that retention at 6 to achieve the goal.