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Getting ready for V6R1

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  • Getting ready for V6R1

    IBMSystem Magazine:
    Preparing for V6R1
    by Kim Greene

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    All my answers were extracted from the "Big Dummy's Guide to the As400"
    and I take no responsibility for any of them.

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    Re: Getting ready for V6R1

    Thanks Jamie - we might be getting into this in the later half of the year, so i'll take notes and make some posts as we go ..
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      Re: Getting ready for V6R1

      our upgrade from v5r4 to v6.1 was painless. i used the ANZOBJCVN on v5r4, got the updated software from the vendors (the hardest part by far), read the MTU and we were set. simple upgrade with no issues...let's see M$ do that...
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        Re: Getting ready for V6R1

        Our company is migrating from a 520 to an 8203, and we're going from V5R3 to V6R1. We're having to do it in two phases because some of our software updates require us to be at V5R4 to apply their updates before moving on to V6R1, so we;re going to V5R4 and applying the updates, then we're installing V6R1 and then it's getting restored on the new box.

        We're starting this weekend with a Save Entire System and if all goes well we should be up and running on our 8203 and V6R1 by August 1. I'll let you know if we encounter any problems.


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          Re: Getting ready for V6R1

          I'll be checking back in with interest for any updates. We've been doing all the reading and personally I can't see too much of an issue. We have observability where we need it and vendor support where we don't. The opponents to the iSeries in the business are still sharpening their knives with the perceived uncertainties.
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