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ACS Macro Programming - how to stop a macro and close the session

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  • ACS Macro Programming - how to stop a macro and close the session

    Hi there , my company recently moved to the "new" ACS . I was used to Client Access macro programming using the VBScript . So now I'm struggling! That said, my problem is that I had an old macro where at the end there were this couple of lines that closed the session when the job was done :

    strsession="/S=" &
    Set objShell = CreateObject("Shell.Application")
    objShell.ShellExecute "PCOMSTOP", strsession , "", "open", 1

    Now, in the ACS (java-xml based) I can't see anything similar to the PCOMSTOP command , but I really hope it's just a question of ignorance ! Is there anything I can use to
    replicate this function ? My last chance could be a timer , but it's really an ugly solution .
    Any suggestion would be really appreciated ! Thank you very much in advance!

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    I've been in your shoes. My company went through the conversion to ACS and I had many macros. I am unsure if my solution/method is ideal, but it works nearly flawless. The biggest difference I see is that I tabled VBA and began using powershell ISE instead 'relatively' easily. This enabled me to dynamically build the desired macro and HOD files (referencing the macro on execute) to automate the desired scripting solution(s).

    I've been wanting to find a 'peer review' forum somewhere to determine if there are additional functions I should put into the process. But since it "just works" the majority of the time, I haven't pressed into doing that.

    Your post is from last, this may or may not be helpful.