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Own developed tn5250 emulator receives slightly different datastream at one point

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  • Own developed tn5250 emulator receives slightly different datastream at one point

    Hallo guys,
    I'm currently building my own webbased tn5250 terminal emulator. Everything is behaving like i would expect it with my current developement status, besides one thing.
    My implementations doesnt show a specific text compared to xtn5250. First i thought my implementation is buggy, but after looking at the data my man-in-middle is recording, my implementation didnt even got this line from the ibm i.

    If you look at the comparison picture, there are 3 things different but everything else is the same:

    1. different content length specified in the header, that makes sense because i'm missing something.

    2. some screen fields have a different formating

    3. One screen field is completly missing

    I compared every telnet protocol message and every tn5250datastream which was send(from my implementation and xtn5250) to reach the application with the missing text. They seem to be all the same.
    I cant find it. Does anyone have clue? Is there a configuration I'm missing?

    Both identify as an "IBM 3477 FC"-Terminal and send the same Query Reply if the IBM i sends a Query Command.

    My Setup:
    Missing Text:
    Comparison tn5250datastream between my implementation and xtn5250:

    What my implementations gets(left) compare to xtn5250(right):
    datastream comparision
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    You said the 5250 query response is the same? Because if you don't enable certain bits in the response, it can do exactly what you're describing. (Omit fields because they are part of the "enhanced" support.)

    If that isnt it, I would compare all of the stream to see what might be different. Or, perhaps there is a difference in the *DEVD on the system?