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SQLRPGLE returns different results than ACS

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  • SQLRPGLE returns different results than ACS

    I wrote an RPG program that calls my stored procedure so that I can validate it is running successfully. It works great. My test program calls the SP and displays the results set in a subfile. My most recent test returns 6 records. But, now I am also testing using ACS (access client solutions) calling the SP from the run SQL scripts window. It runs successfully, and ALSO returns 6 records, but only the last one shows any data. The others appear to be empty or null. Too weird! I have no idea what could be the reason?

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    Never mind. I found the reason. Blindness! I was simply not setting my occurrence correctly.


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      That is a really good reason why you should NOT use MODS and use DS arrays instead!


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        I know. I am old and lazy. But I will give it a go. Thanks!


        • Scott Klement
          Scott Klement commented
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          That's like being "too old and lazy" to stop hitting yourself on the head with a hammer.

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        Yeah. I know. But it is a NERF hammer...


        • JonBoy
          JonBoy commented
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          You've already proved by virtue of this problem that it is much more damaging than a nerf hammer! ;-)

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        RPGLE/SQLRPGLE gets new features all the time, and it's well worth keeping up with them. You can only properly keep up with them is you use or at least try them. If you don't then not only do you miss out on the benefits (faster/more efficient/less coding), but you risk being left behind.

        I once worked for someone who basically stopped learning new features around the time of RPG4. Which meant when he looked at modern all-free code he couldn't understand it. And because in his mind he was a top developer, he assumed that was because it was fundamentally harder to understand, and therefore not worth using. Therefore he set standards that didn't allow free format, or embedded SQL, or subprocedures with return values. And that kept the rest of us from skilling up for so long, and it was especially hard on those of us who started on the i there and had no experience of anything different.

        Apologies, rant over