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What other tech have you guys studied aside from IBM i RPGLE?

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  • What other tech have you guys studied aside from IBM i RPGLE?

    I'm looking at Flutter to start with. But I'm curious what you guys jump to closest to RPGLE. I've read java in another thread

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    During the years I have programmed in many different languages.
    To mention a few:
    • COBOL
    • JAVA
    • C#
    • C++
    • PASCAL
    • Javascript
    • APL
    • BASIC
    • COMAL - a structured basic
    • Several 4GL languages / code generators

    But IMHO the different languages are not important.
    If you know one or two you can relatively easy find out how the other
    works. There are the traditional languages RPG and COBOL and
    then the object oriented JAVA, C# and C++. But the object oriented
    are fairly similar -- of course with some differences. The same with the
    traditional languages RPG and COBOL.

    The most important is to keep being curious and study whatever is published.
    For example about HTML, CSS, JSON and XML.
    You can find a lot about it here:

    I hope this will be an inspiration for you.


    • Luigi Brito
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      Thanks for the input that is a LOT. I find COBOL too hard to learn compared to modern rpgle. Also experienced reading some 4GL output from AS/SET, not fun.

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    I'm a bit of a language geek. I've done small pilot projects in most of the "hot new" languages, on IBMi when possible. At the end of the day however, it comes down to using the correct tool for the job. My work on IBMi doing mostly webservices means that tool is usually RPGLE with a little Java thrown in.


    • Luigi Brito
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      Woah. I'm having trouble with opportunities of working with webservices myself. There's a way to do it on my own but i have to pay a hefty premium on rikascoms. I'm currently learning python django and some other things as well hoping to expand my skillset

    • jtaylor___
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      I just use CGI & RPG on Apache. Nothing but IBMi and the ILE-RPG compiler required.

      I really like Django, but I haven't found a business use for it yet. I have a few Python scripts in product.

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    Microsoft SQL Server for a while. Currently maintaining legacy RPG. working with MS-SQL, SAP Data Services


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      Other than IBMi development in RPG, CL and SQL since 1990, I once developed apps for the great Palm Pilot OS. Also did a few of the Code generators, such as 2E. And of course I switched to RPG free as soon as it came along and I was allowed to use it. I worked as a consultant at the time, and the rest of the team was still on good terms with RPGII and the Cycle, so I had to be patient and wait for requests that no longer cold be solved that way. In more recent years I do a lot of RPA development using BluePrism. which gives me a completely new view of the business.