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AS/400 Macro to Auto Fill Text Fields

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  • AS/400 Macro to Auto Fill Text Fields

    Forgive my newbieness, but I am trying to make my workday more efficient and am pretty new to scripting macros!
    I would like to create two separate macros that would autofill text fields I use every time. I would like to be able to use a keyboard shortcut to run the macros. I have two screen shots of the ones I am trying to create a macro for, but there is no where to attached them? I would really appreciate any help. I believe once I see how to set these two up, I will be able to do others on my own.

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    Re: AS/400 Macro to Auto Fill Text Fields

    Click the "Go Advanced" button beneath the message you're typing into Code400. This should give you a more feature-rich message editor. Beneath the advanced editor, there are some 'Additional Options', and one of them is to manage attachments. You can use that to upload your screenshots.