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AS2 Solution?

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  • AS2 Solution?

    We have used a product called BizConnect for AS2 for many years. We began looking for a more cost-effective solution (one that has "unlimited" trading partners). Was looking hard at Linoma GoAnywhere software, but I don't think it's going to work out - it will only handle one AS2 ID per server (we need to support multiple AS2 server IDs)

    Does anyone know of any other solutions?


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    We've since installed an AS2 solution from Mendelson... this works well for everyone except Walmart. Walmart requires that we use a separate AS2 certificate for each AS2 ID and URL. They do this in an effort to defeat service companies from providing AS2 services.

    In this case, we are doing business as 10 different Walmart vendors (we are a fulfillment company).

    Any suggestions??


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      We use Cleo Lexicom and we have multiple AS2 connections with Walmart. Also, I don't think Walmart are opposed to vendors using third party services or a VAN for AS2 connections.


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        Thanks... the only way Walmart will speak/deal with us is if we present ourselves as working for the manufacturer.

        Where does Cleo run? What does it cost?


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          There are two parts to Cleo Lexicom. Well three if you count the translation software which in my environment is Extol Enterprise Integrator (EEI). Extol is now owned by Cleo. Cleo Lexicom is a communication protocol handler, it can do sFTP, FTP, AS2 etc. Lexicom runs on the iSeries primarily but there is also a PC client that is used to configure the software and manage certificates and scripts etc. The client can run on a Windows 7 PC or a Windows 2008/2012 server. There are a couple of ways to set up your environment. We have the iSeries doing most of the work in regards to sending receiving files but you can have the server/PC do that, it just depends on how you want to run it. I am not sure what the costs are, sorry.


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            Thanks Jim... I put a call into them. We already have a translator on the IBM i (TrustedLink) and two separate AS2 servers running on PC's (one runs BizConnect and the other runs Mendelson) - they do the communications and drop the files on the IFS.

            Thanks again!