Hello friends,

As many of you know, I was maintaining a MailMan mailing list for the HTTPAPI and FTPAPI projects. I have been finding this frustrating to maintain, so have decided to discontinue it.

I have replaced it with a public web-based forum system that is very similar to the ones that we have here on Code400.com:

If you like receiving e-mail to notify you when there are new posts, that can be configured in these new forums, there are instructions here:

Also, by popular demand, I have changed Cloud service providers. My previous one was located in Russia, which was a common source of complaints. The new one is in the United States (which is appropriate, since that's also where I live.)

Don't worry, I'll still be participating in the forums here, as I always have. But, if you want a site specifically set up for my open source tools (HTTPAPI, FTPAPI, YAJL, EXPAT, HSSFR4, JDBCR4, etc) these new forums might fit the bill. Please spread the word!