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Open Excel spreadsheet using i AccessClient macro

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  • Open Excel spreadsheet using i AccessClient macro

    Hi Everybody,

    my name is Dominik, I am new here and I need help
    In the good old iSeries I had a macro which was switching to an Excel spreadsheet for me in the last step. I was using this macro to speed up a copy-paste data process from Excel to iSeries. Macros in iSeries were using a syntax similar to VBA so I was able to tailor them to my needs.
    Now, in a java Access Client macros are in XML and I have no idea how to insert a command: "switch to excel spreadsheet" there.
    Below I am pasting an "empty" macro in i Access so you know what I am talking about.
    Can anybody help me write this command?

    <HAScript name="nowe" description="" timeout="60000" pausetime="300" promptall="true" blockinput="true" author="Me" creationdate="2019-11-18 10:44:48" supressclearevents="false" usevars="false" ignorepauseforenhancedtn="true" delayifnotenhancedtn="0" ignorepausetimeforenhancedtn="true" continueontimeout="false">

    <screen name="Screen1" entryscreen="true" exitscreen="true" transient="false">
    <description >
    <oia status="NOTINHIBITED" optional="false" invertmatch="false" />
    <nextscreens timeout="0" >


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    See here https://www.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/SSEQ5Y_5.9.0/com.ibm.pcomm.doc/books/html/emulator_programming08.htm

    and here https://www.ibm.com/support/pages/ehllapi-access-client-solutions-emulator

    if you download and install the EHLLAPI bridge then you can use the VBA macros still. They may need to have some conversions done but if you are familiar with the vba that should not be insurmountable.

    It also requires java version 8 or later I believe.

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