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  • BoZMan001
    started a topic Using CPYTOIMPF to create a UTF-8 encoded file.
    in IFS

    Using CPYTOIMPF to create a UTF-8 encoded file.

    Hi ,

    I have a PF 'TEST/ADDMST' created with CCSID 1208 to store UTF-8 data. I have populated the file with some CYRILLIC characters.
    We need to create a flat file from this data and send it to a third party application.
    I use 'CPYTOIMPF FROMFILE(TEST/ADDMST) TOSTMF('/tmp/utf8test1.txt')...
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  • BoZMan001
    started a topic Retrieve CHRID of a spoolfile.
    in DDS

    Retrieve CHRID of a spoolfile.

    We have a CL program running as a batch program that copies a spoolfile to another spoolfile along with the original spoolfile attributes. The duplicate spoolfile is then FTPed to a 3rd party software for processing. I have to apply the CHRID of the original spoolfile to the duplicate spoolfile using...
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  • gunnypatel
    started a topic MMAIL Changing Job CCSID

    MMAIL Changing Job CCSID

    I'd like to start off by saying that I'm not very familiar with how CCSIDs work. We do everything in English and I thought we stored everything in single byte until I starting seeing this problem.

    Our system was installed with DBCS (system value QIGC = 1) so all our DDS files have a CCSID...
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    Last edited by gunnypatel; January 16, 2017, 07:56 PM.

  • Mukund
    started a topic French Characters in the File.

    French Characters in the File.

    Hello All,

    I am merging two files and after the merge process is completed, the destination file has changed the French characters into junk values.

    I am not able to correctly view the French characters. I tried the available options of changing the CCSID to 297 which...
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  • swaps400
    started a topic CCSID issue

    CCSID issue

    I need to execute SQL statement on file whose CCSID is 13488. I have tried changing the user profile CCSID to 13488 but giving error for the invalid value.
    Can someone suggest if there is any other alternative. I need to update particular field value from say A to B for certain set of records....
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