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  • LBurkett99
    started a topic FTP using rumrmtcmd

    FTP using rumrmtcmd

    I am working on a program which will use the 'runrmtcmd' command to ftp an Excel spreadsheet from a PC. The problem I am having is with the contents of the spool file created by the command.

    I had expected it file to contain all the lines displayed by FTP while it is running. But I an...
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  • voicucosmin90
    started a topic CL for FTP -> SFTP transfer

    CL for FTP -> SFTP transfer

    Hi guys,
    I have to do secured FTP to transfer a file to another server, I don't have all the details about this server and I don't have a very large knowledge about SFTP.
    Until now I did simple FTP, some CL programm, to transfer files to another servers.
    Are there major difference...
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  • FTP of very large file to Windows Server does not complete totally

    Hello, I'm a new user to your Forums but have worked with AS/400 (iSeries) since the very beginning.

    I wrote a 'remote daily backup' that does what the IBM daily backup does (save all libraries, all DLOs, all remaining IFS, security, and configuration) but sends each save file over the...
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  • stillin400
    started a topic FTP - HELP PLEASE - *** Delete PC file after downloading ***
    in IFS

    FTP - HELP PLEASE - *** Delete PC file after downloading ***

    Below is my part of my FTP command, I wanted to delete the PC files that I have downloaded.

    I do not want to use MDELETE or any commands that delete all files in the entire directory.

    The reason because, at the time of deleting , I am afraid,...
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  • Gary B
    started a topic FTP Trap failed GET

    FTP Trap failed GET

    I'm a novice at best with FTP and need to know how to trap an FTP error.

    My code is;
    G Orders.xml (REPLACE
    DELETE Orders.xml

    This code works just fine most of the time.
    We're having a situation that an Orders.xml will show up after the Get...
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  • MPUT multiple IFS files to Windows server-IFS folder has spaces in name


    I am trying to FTP multiple files from an IFS folder to a windows server. I am using MPUT to send the files, but I need to change to the source directory on the IFS first. LCD and CD are not working. This folder on the IFS contains spaces in the name. It looks like this
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  • Gary B
    started a topic FTP Question

    FTP Question

    Merry Christmas everyone!

    I have an FTP situation I've not run into before and cannot find anything on this anywhere.

    I need to pick up multiple files from a remote server (not an i).
    I do not know the file names and the names will never be the same name.
    I'd like...
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  • swaps400
    started a topic FTP Connectivity

    FTP Connectivity

    I tried to realise what is happening but no luck so far!!

    We have FTP server to which AS400 connects and sends some files. Interface partner will connect to this server and pick up corresponding files.

    Here is catch- since last few weeks , our AS400 batch ftp job is failing...
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  • How to increase the performance of the AS400 Job !!!

    I have a job which extracts the data from the iSeries into physical files and sends the files to the DW server using FTP. The extraction is done using the SQL rpgle program.

    The job runs for almost 6 to 7 hours everyday due to the size of the data. From the log, could see that the FTP...
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  • swaps400
    started a topic Interactive FTP

    Interactive FTP

    Hi- I am not sure how this works in FTP. I have screen program where I just need to FTP specific file on to another AS400 server.

    Here is Piece of code I used

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  • Retreive multiple numerically named files into a DB file using FTP.

    Hi Folks

    I have a problem. I am retrieving files from a server somewhere via FTP onto the iSeries. An example of the file name is 702277810.edi, so I'd want to retrieve 70227781*.edi into either the IFS or a FILE.MBR.

    If I try to use FILE.MBR the FTP returns the error "Character...
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  • nnescafe
    started a topic FTP Physical file from AS/400 to Unix server without CR/LF
    in DB2

    FTP Physical file from AS/400 to Unix server without CR/LF

    I have a physical file with fix lenght in AS/400 and use FTP command to send to Unix server by using ASCII mode transfer.

    After open that text file, I found the value X'0D' X'0A' at the end of line. But I don't want it.

    How to solve this problem unless use the command 'CPYTOSTMF'...
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  • chongcs
    started a topic How to read TXT file using RPG and change the string?

    How to read TXT file using RPG and change the string?

    Hi. We have an FTP function to upload a physical file from AS/400 onto an external host (window based server) The requirement is that the file to be uploaded should be named in YYYYMMDD format. eg : XX_20080521 We have a CL which will perform the FTP upload function, together with a FTP script (w...
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