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  • deep
    started a topic Is IBMi IWS impacted due to log4J vulnerability

    Is IBMi IWS impacted due to log4J vulnerability


    I could not find any information about IBM-I IWS vulnerability due to Log4J. We use IWS and wanted to know if it used apache Log4J logger and hence whether it is vulnerable. Appreciate any help....
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  • jemrugIBMi
    started a topic Baby Steps Kerberos

    Baby Steps Kerberos

    Hi All,

    I am researching Kerberos in the IBM midrange environment. I am a developer.

    I have client server desktop application. Front end java(using JT400 api) and backend Rpgle(PCML). So the client is using a mixture JDBC Sql and backend rpgle program calls.

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  • Is there an API through which I can get a list of what program calls what?

    I am trying to create my own impact analysis tool in order to get a command over CLLE and RPGLE. I have looked this up in forums but couldn't get an answer.

    Is there a way, wherein I enter a full or partial program name and would get an outfile populated with the program name and what...
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  • Most common enterprise software to learn in IBM i?

    6 yr IBM i (as400/powersystem) developer/analyst here.

    Just a thought/question for senior members. Learning EDIs, RPGLE, and FTP/sFTP (anything under native IBM i) is one thing, learning the enterprise software that a company uses to achieve such things is another. BPCS and Infor LX just...
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    Last edited by Luigi Brito; July 6, 2020, 04:26 AM. Reason: added tags so it's not a random post or anything

  • BoZMan001
    started a topic Retrieve CHRID of a spoolfile.
    in DDS

    Retrieve CHRID of a spoolfile.

    We have a CL program running as a batch program that copies a spoolfile to another spoolfile along with the original spoolfile attributes. The duplicate spoolfile is then FTPed to a 3rd party software for processing. I have to apply the CHRID of the original spoolfile to the duplicate spoolfile using...
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  • pshanmugam
    started a topic http_post_xml API

    http_post_xml API

    Hello Everyone, I am using an external tool to generate an XML payload and send it to destination web service with help of http_post_xml API. Could see log file created with response as 200. However return code (rc) from API shows as 500 and so program marks it as an error. Not sure if I am missing s...
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  • richiet
    started a topic Accessing Service Action Log

    Accessing Service Action Log

    Hi All,

    I have a couple of Iseries machines running V5r2 and V5r3. On both when accessing SST and going into the Service Action Log, it reports an invalid date format for dates of 2019.

    So 01/14/18 is fine but 01/14/19 is rejected.

    Is there a way around this as...
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  • CaptainRon
    started a topic Remote Journaling
    in DB2

    Remote Journaling

    So lets say I have 2 AS/400's. I journal on the production system. I want to access the journal on the development machine sometimes. I just want to do the basic dspjrn to a file but run the command on the dev machine against the productions journal . Is this possible without a 3rd party tool?
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  • deep
    started a topic Python on IBM I-series/AS400

    Python on IBM I-series/AS400

    IBM has many open source technology stacks in their i-series machines. Does anyone know whether IBM officially provides support for Python language like they do for native RPG/CL language ??
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  • jason.aleski
    started a topic Looking for Query/400 Alternative?

    Looking for Query/400 Alternative?

    I'm currently in a very "traditional" and small IBM i/IT shop (6 person crew). While its been bitter-sweet to have some of our IT staff for 30+ years, they will soon be leaving the workforce for retirement, etc; thus my responsibilities will be more focused on the IBM i. We still rely heavily...
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  • code401
    started a topic Read through file names - IFS

    Read through file names - IFS

    I need to write a bit of code that reads the file names (not the actual file itself) from an IFS directory, so I can store this in a DBF.

    How do I go about doing this? Can anyone show me any examples?

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  • Check Creation Date of Object on IFS drive to decide wether to delete or not

    Hey at all,
    I've been looking the web for several days now without being able to find a satisfying answer to my problem.
    Ideally I don't want to work with an API, and want to know if there is any functionality given within the iSeries.

    I plan to have a CL programm checking our...
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  • code401
    started a topic Reverse image on ONE sfl field
    in DDS

    Reverse image on ONE sfl field


    I have a sfl with 18 input fields. When there is an error, I would like that particular field to have reverse image turned on, rather than all the fields. How do I achieve this?...
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  • StevenDyke
    started a topic Getting a Token Error When Running on iSeries
    in SQL

    Getting a Token Error When Running on iSeries

    The following sql statement runs from an external IDE but gives me an error on line 15 position 14 When ran in the iSeries environment:
    Error: Position 14 Token SUM was not valid. Valid tokens: ) ,.

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  • pratikra
    started a topic How to calculate week number for month in CLLE?

    How to calculate week number for month in CLLE?

    Please help me out as i want to automate a task and main part is calculating week number of month. I have tried a logic where you retrieve 1st day of week of the month and then add to the current date and divide by 7.
    It seems to work just fine but gets stuck on some days when the week starts...
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