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    So lets say I have 2 AS/400's. I journal on the production system. I want to access the journal on the development machine sometimes. I just want to do the basic dspjrn to a file but run the command on the dev machine against the productions journal . Is this possible without a 3rd party tool?

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    When you use the term 'production journal' on the dev machine, I'm assuming that you mean the remote journal. I just tried it and it looks like there are some restrictions on some of the selection parameters, but selecting a range of journal entry IDs seemed to work.


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      There is a way to pull receiver data using SQL..
      It's buried in this post.

      If you put something together -- let us know.

      All my answers were extracted from the "Big Dummy's Guide to the As400"
      and I take no responsibility for any of them.