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  • sri8707
    started a topic How to compare 2 data structures field by field?

    How to compare 2 data structures field by field?

    I would like to compare 2 DS field by field and capture the changed fields into an audit file. Below is the scenario -

    User is provided with a display screen where he can change any of the 20 fields pertaining to a file. Say if the user changed 10 fields, I want to write 10 records into
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  • Bull_A_
    started a topic Serialize data structure to JSON

    Serialize data structure to JSON


    recently my company has been using web services to decouple our very very old legacy system into more modern micro-services linked by API's. We have created a our own JSON parser to to tokenise the input JSON message string and map it to a corresponding data structure using the new...
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  • Check Creation Date of Object on IFS drive to decide wether to delete or not

    Hey at all,
    I've been looking the web for several days now without being able to find a satisfying answer to my problem.
    Ideally I don't want to work with an API, and want to know if there is any functionality given within the iSeries.

    I plan to have a CL programm checking our...
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  • CaptainRon
    started a topic Canceling Interactive Programs

    Canceling Interactive Programs

    SO I have a similar post form way back when. However that solution will not work.. So I thought I would see if anyone else has an idea.
    A user sits in a program for 10 minutes. I know this b/c we write out to a file with a timestamp and user id with a bunch of other goodies I would need to end...
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  • Carpiem
    started a topic Program to count spooled files

    Program to count spooled files

    I have a database file XYZ which stores some specific spooled files. I want to write a program which read each row from XYZ and returns how many times this row (file) occurs in the spool.

    I used the system API List Spooled Files (QUSLSPL) to extract all the spool files and count the number...
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  • VakarianWrex
    started a topic Edit code without changing source date

    Edit code without changing source date

    Hello. Is it possible at all, maybe there is a setting somewhere, to edit some lines of code without the source date changing? My scenario is that I'm working with free format and I put an if statement around a large chunk of code. I want to indent that all the code to keep it neat but I don't want...
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  • Liam Allan
    started a topic Compiled Machine Interface

    Compiled Machine Interface

    Hi everyone,

    I just got a machine interface compiler working and was wondering if it was possible to reverse engineer programs to retrieve the MI source out of them.

    I'm really into how compilers work and I generally learn better by example, which is why I asked.
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  • How can I create an XML Digital Signature for use with in a SAML 2.0 Single Sign On?

    I have the need to provide a link on a secure portion of our company web site that will enable employees to directly and seamlessly link and log-in to a purchased Software as a Service medical services partner. The trading partner uses SAML 2.0 for their implementation of Single Sign-on to their application....
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  • Multi Occurences data structure in RPG 7.1 -*** Urgent help please ***

    I have a multi occurences data structure as shown below , and I am using that in a procedure.
    Basically, the calling procedure is passing 5000 records, and I need determine the location of Data structure based on the
    data that i get from data area.
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  • error subfile bringing in "RECORD IN USE BY JOB - CPF5027"


    I'm using an error subfile to display screen errors, in a order entry system. I'm using the QMHSNDPM api and QMHRMVPM to send error messages to the subfile and clear the subfile, respectively. However, I have a situation where a screen error message was sent to the error subfile...
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  • CaptainRon
    started a topic OVRPRTF and or overlays
    in DDS

    OVRPRTF and or overlays

    I know I have done this before but....
    Anyway. I have two ovrprtf and one RPG program. I want one spool file and not two.
    Code is below. Also would like to see if anyone could tell me how to get more than one page overlay. This is where this started..
    Any Ideas????
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  • iSeries Developer Positions in Minneapolis - St. Paul

    Two companies in Minneapolis - St. Paul have two iSeries Developer position. To see all the details go to and review numbers 1976 and 1988. Here are short descriptions:


    Distribution and Warehousing and 3PL/Fulfillment...
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  • pascalp
    started a topic XML-SAX with an UTF-8 string

    XML-SAX with an UTF-8 string

    Hi everyone,

    I am trying to run XML-SAX from an UTF-8 string and cannot make it to work.
    Does anyone know how this could be achieved?

    Here the elements:

    D XMLin 65535 varying

    // Test example
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  • Seko1987_MAD
    started a topic Dynamically Sized Arrays

    Dynamically Sized Arrays


    I'm a little confused about how to use dynamic sized arrays with alloc and realloc.

    Consider the following code:

         D response        s             10                                   
         D ptr             s               *   inz(*Null)
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  • CaptainRon
    started a topic Monitor Inactivity for a program

    Monitor Inactivity for a program

    I need a program or something that can monitor how long a user is sitting in a program with NO inactivity. Lets say a user is sitting in order mod for 30 minutes.. I would like something monitoring that program and then doing something to that session etc..

    Anyone have something like...
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