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Edit code without changing source date

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  • Edit code without changing source date

    Hello. Is it possible at all, maybe there is a setting somewhere, to edit some lines of code without the source date changing? My scenario is that I'm working with free format and I put an if statement around a large chunk of code. I want to indent that all the code to keep it neat but I don't want the date to change on the code inside of there. I know I can go in after the fact and change it, but is it possible to turn it off before hand? Thank you

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      It's easy enough to have source lines with whatever date you choose, but it seems like a very bad idea. Either the dates are used to track changes, in which case you'd be circumventing source auditing, or they're not, in which case it's just one more thing that can go wrong.

      If you indented, then those lines were in fact changed and the change should be marked. Someone later might be very confused if the dates on those lines didn't match the IF-block.

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        On occasion I have accidentally marked a source line as changed e.g. accidentally overtyping a blank with another blank.
        We had a small RPG program utility that we used to fix that - it was run with a PDM User Option, and presented a small popup where you would enter the source line sequence number and the new date.
        When that program wasn't available, I did an override to the source member then used SQL to update the date value for the sequence number

        Cumbersome I know, but I am not aware of any easier ways.