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  • randyfinca529
    started a topic AS400 V5R1 Upgrade to V6R1
    in V6R1

    AS400 V5R1 Upgrade to V6R1

    Hello everyone,
    I'm new in this forum and in AS400. I wanna know what would be the processes/procedures in doing an upgrade. I have really no idea about it. Let's say I applied all necessary PTFs, what should I do next and so on? Thanks everyone.
    Good day and God bless us all!
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  • Dan_the_IT_man
    started a topic upgrade openSSH on iSeries ?

    upgrade openSSH on iSeries ?

    Has anybody upgraded the version of openSSH (v4.7p1, openSSL v0.9.7d) that ships as part of 5733SC1 on v5r4?

    For a variety of reasons, we can't upgrade our O/S on our iSeries, and we have a PCI audit that is complaining of various "vulnerabilities" in our existing openSSH/openSSL...
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  • Fireloque
    started a topic SQL Scalar Function with SELECT COUNT(*)...?
    in SQL

    SQL Scalar Function with SELECT COUNT(*)...?


    Can someone please advise how my function should be written to do the following;

    I've got a table that I want to count records for that match an input key value and another criteria. If this count is <= 12 then another table value is to be read and returned, otherwise...
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  • Philw
    started a topic V5R4 > V6R1 Questions
    in V6R1

    V5R4 > V6R1 Questions

    Hi guys,

    I'm looking at a V5R4 to V6R1 upgrade pretty soon.. I have questions about the Cumulatives..

    Our system is a little behind on patches - C8305540 - is the last one installed, November 1, 2008..

    The latest available looks like - C0292540 - 01 Nov 2010....
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