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AS400 V5R1 Upgrade to V6R1

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  • AS400 V5R1 Upgrade to V6R1

    Hello everyone,
    I'm new in this forum and in AS400. I wanna know what would be the processes/procedures in doing an upgrade. I have really no idea about it. Let's say I applied all necessary PTFs, what should I do next and so on? Thanks everyone.
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    Re: AS400 V5R1 Upgrade to V6R1

    Before anything else, please verify that you are asking about "V5R1" being upgraded to IBM i 6.1, and it wasn't just a typo. If it was a typo, what is the actual current version/release?

    And if it was not a typo, please provide your system model. I'm not aware of any model that ran V5R1 and that could be upgraded all the way to 6.1 (though there might be some, I suppose).

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      The only upgrade path IBM supported was next release or skip 1 release so you will never find any IBM documentation on upgrading from V5R1 to 6.1 as that doesn't fit the supported criteria (not that any of them are supported now anyway) - the supported would be V5R1 -> V5R3 -> 6.1.

      Would you have any problems going from V5R1 directly to 6.1? Maybe... maybe not.