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Journals from one system to another

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  • Journals from one system to another

    So I have been doing Journals forever and using them to see what has happened to a file etc. We have a production system that has journaling turned on. What I want to do is extract specific files ( I already know how to do all that ) to the test system. I can do this by extracting the production journal and FTP'ing it or DDM it over the the test and copying out what I need. What I really want to do is run the entire thing with the productions journals on the test machine. Anyone know how I can share the production journaling files on the test system? If I can do that I can do what I need. Beofre anyone asks the biggest reason is disk space. I have more on the test system than the production system and want to keep 30 days of specific files. I have been doing this for years on the production system but they are getting too big to keep.

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    There's a trick to doing the apply on a different system - please see the links called HA On A Shoestring here: