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V6R1 and Sytem 36 environment

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  • V6R1 and Sytem 36 environment


    Try not to flame me for working at a shop that still uses the S36 environment. (I don't code in it, just have to live with it)

    Does anyone have real life experience with V6R1 and S36 running on it? I remember seeing something about the S36 or compilers were not supported, but some site suggest other wise. If you have had hands on exp, please let me know.
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    Re: V6R1 and Sytem 36 environment

    egads! S/36 and v6.1 i feel for you my friend. AFAIK the S/36 runtime is still there but i'm not sure about the compilers. there seems to be documentation on the v6.1 infocenter regarding compiling in RPG II but it's likely a part of the "Heritage" compilers. i didn't bother loading them though since we don't have any 36 code running (just RPG III written as if if were!)
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