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  • sekhar7791
    started a topic Need Help on SPYVIEW/ Docmanager

    Need Help on SPYVIEW/ Docmanager

    Hi All,

    We have Current OS is OS/400 V6R1M1 and we know that SPYVIEW/Docmanager is installed in the server and we dont know which version of SPYVIEW/DOCManager.

    Is there any way/command/process to know the current version of SPYVIEW/Docmanager?

    We are planning...
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  • FTP of very large file to Windows Server does not complete totally

    Hello, I'm a new user to your Forums but have worked with AS/400 (iSeries) since the very beginning.

    I wrote a 'remote daily backup' that does what the IBM daily backup does (save all libraries, all DLOs, all remaining IFS, security, and configuration) but sends each save file over the...
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  • Downtime estimation for RGZPFM LOCK *SHRUPD

    Hi all,
    I'm new here posting question for the first time.

    I'm working on an I V6R1 and currently planning a reorganize on a huge file (>500GB). It is a log file, PF with 1 member, 1 LF (1 member as well).
    I tried restored a copy of the file to another library...
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  • randyfinca529
    started a topic AS400 V5R1 Upgrade to V6R1
    in V6R1

    AS400 V5R1 Upgrade to V6R1

    Hello everyone,
    I'm new in this forum and in AS400. I wanna know what would be the processes/procedures in doing an upgrade. I have really no idea about it. Let's say I applied all necessary PTFs, what should I do next and so on? Thanks everyone.
    Good day and God bless us all!
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  • Philw
    started a topic V5R4 > V6R1 Questions
    in V6R1

    V5R4 > V6R1 Questions

    Hi guys,

    I'm looking at a V5R4 to V6R1 upgrade pretty soon.. I have questions about the Cumulatives..

    Our system is a little behind on patches - C8305540 - is the last one installed, November 1, 2008..

    The latest available looks like - C0292540 - 01 Nov 2010....
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  • V6R1 and Sytem 36 environment


    Try not to flame me for working at a shop that still uses the S36 environment. (I don't code in it, just have to live with it)

    Does anyone have real life experience with V6R1 and S36 running on it? I remember seeing something about the S36 or compilers were...
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  • emily
    started a topic DB2 Web Query

    DB2 Web Query

    Hello All,
    We're getting ready to upgrade from V5R3 to V6R1 soon and I'm curious about Web Query and I haven't found a whole lot of information out there. Does anyone out there use it much? What's your opnions of it? I haven't been able to track down a cost yet, (still waiting on phone calls...
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