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Perfomance of different subfile types

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  • Perfomance of different subfile types

    Hi All,

    Which subfile perform better? Load all, single page or Self expanding? Why do we want these 3 types? Is there any scenario where we can use a particular type alone? Can anyone give an example for Self expanding subfile?


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    Re: Perfomance of different subfile types

    I guess that would depend heavily on how much data you are displaying and
    the age and speed of your current box.

    load all and page at a time are pretty much what they say.

    load all --- read all records in a loop & write them to a subfile.

    page at a time --- subfile size and page the same size need to clear subfile prior to each page down or page up.

    self extending --- (i'll let a much better communicator handle this)

    Self-Extending Subfiles

    The self-extending subfile works the same as a load-all subfile, in that you still cannot load more than 9999 records. But it differs in other ways. A self-extending subfile allows users to add records to the subfile only when they are needed. Normally this is done one page at a time, but it doesn't have to be. One advantage the self-extending subfile has over its load-all counterpart is that subfile performance will be more consistent. By loading only a specified amount each time, your subfile is more likely to perform to expected results. A load-all subfile may load 50 records one time and 500 records the next, depending on your data. Another advantage is that, by using a self-extending subfile and a position-to technique, I can make the navigation within the subfile more flexible.


    look here for both page at a time and load all examples
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    All my answers were extracted from the "Big Dummy's Guide to the As400"
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      Re: Perfomance of different subfile types

      I always use page at a time with a few search field at the top.
      Say its a store maintenance program. They hit the key to search (subfile display). I don't see the point in having the user wait while 1500+ records load. Just one page, search, then the results.

      I have seen many load all that you can have a whole pepsi before its done.
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