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SQL static View shows as a Logical File - recompile considerations

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  • SQL static View shows as a Logical File - recompile considerations


    I am a new IBMi programmer working in small shop with primarily legacy code. As part of our efforts to modernize, we want to take advantage of SQL static Views when creating reports that use sets of data. I created a SQL static View that uses fields from 4 different Physical Files. We use Aldon Change Management (LMI) tool to create and move our objects. After creating the SQL static View object via Aldon Change Management tool, it shows as a Logical File for each of the 4 different Physical Files that were used to create the View. This would make sense since the View it's like an unkeyed Logical File. My question is: if we change any of these 4 different Physical Files, will we need to delete and recreate the View (since we typically delete and recreate all Logical Files when changing the Physical File) ? Any other recompile considerations I might need to be aware of?

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    You should not need to delete and recreate your views. I previously used Aldon and if I remember correctly, selecting the option to recompile dependencies (on the phyiscal file that was changed) will actually recompile the logical files for you. I know there is a way you can view the dependents that Aldon identifies in one of the options before submitting for recompile too but I can't specifically remember the option.

    Also if you're recompiling the logicals, ensure their dependencies are recompiled too.


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      Thank you Ghost+, appreciate the welcome and the advice!