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  • Is there an API through which I can get a list of what program calls what?

    I am trying to create my own impact analysis tool in order to get a command over CLLE and RPGLE. I have looked this up in forums but couldn't get an answer.

    Is there a way, wherein I enter a full or partial program name and would get an outfile populated with the program name and what...
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  • Most common enterprise software to learn in IBM i?

    6 yr IBM i (as400/powersystem) developer/analyst here.

    Just a thought/question for senior members. Learning EDIs, RPGLE, and FTP/sFTP (anything under native IBM i) is one thing, learning the enterprise software that a company uses to achieve such things is another. BPCS and Infor LX just...
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  • SQL static View shows as a Logical File - recompile considerations


    I am a new IBMi programmer working in small shop with primarily legacy code. As part of our efforts to modernize, we want to take advantage of SQL static Views when creating reports that use sets of data. I created a SQL static View that uses fields from 4 different Physical Files....
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  • rpgprogrammers
    started a topic Why Programming Extended Team

    Why Programming Extended Team

    Programmers is a certified US-based software development company with a COE in India that has an excellent software development team. We have proven experience in IBM i/AS400/RPGLE/COBOL, Dot Net, PHP, Angular 2+, Node.js and PHP, etc. Offshore software development services. 7+ years in business &..., an American company, offers effective solutions for software development, AS400 RPGLE, Dot Net solutions, mobile app development, PHP development & both legacy (IBM i, Delphi, COBOL) and modern (DOT NET, PHP, Mobile etc.) platform services.
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  • sri8707
    started a topic How to compare 2 data structures field by field?

    How to compare 2 data structures field by field?

    I would like to compare 2 DS field by field and capture the changed fields into an audit file. Below is the scenario -

    User is provided with a display screen where he can change any of the 20 fields pertaining to a file. Say if the user changed 10 fields, I want to write 10 records into
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  • RBlanco
    started a topic TCP7531 unmonitored by YAJLR4

    TCP7531 unmonitored by YAJLR4

    I need help to find out why YAJLR4 is producing the TCP7531 error "All data provided was not successfully written to STDOUT.".

    The YAJLR4 statement line contains:
    QtmhWrStout( %addr(Headers) + 2 : %len(Headers) : errorCode );

    I created an IWS REST service...
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  • Vendor's Service Program Procedures Don't Work in My Service Program Procedure

    Yes, I'm sure that subject confused some of you. I don't know how else to sum up the issue I'm having. Here is the longer version:

    Background: We use a third-party IBM i SDK that translates and makes a REST API call. By translate, I mean that we load up a bunch of data structures and...
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  • jason.aleski
    started a topic Too much input for one screen

    Too much input for one screen

    I've been tasked with modifying a display file that is already jammed with input. Basically I have an asset with a ton of attributes (not a subfile). I've added the appropriate fields to the data file, but when working on the display file, I just don't have enough room. I think the best approach...
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  • KevinStaples
    started a topic Integer To Hex

    Integer To Hex

    I am needing a really simple way to convert an integer to ASCII hex in RPG.
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  • CaptainRon
    started a topic DataStructure SORT on two different fields.....

    DataStructure SORT on two different fields.....

    So I have a Data structure array. I can sort on one field using the SORTA command with %subarr. Can I add another field WITHOUT combining the two fields together in a one field sort? To basically sorting on two fields or three etc..... Again without combining into one field. If I can in SQL do you...
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  • CaptainRon
    started a topic Canceling Interactive Programs

    Canceling Interactive Programs

    SO I have a similar post form way back when. However that solution will not work.. So I thought I would see if anyone else has an idea.
    A user sits in a program for 10 minutes. I know this b/c we write out to a file with a timestamp and user id with a bunch of other goodies I would need to end...
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  • CaptainRon
    started a topic Journal Receive Issue

    Journal Receive Issue

    We have a Journal that we use RCVJRNE with.
                 FILE((XXX/YYYY) +        
    Everything seems to work fine except I think its...
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  • MelissaG
    started a topic UDF-SQL-External


    I have a business analyst who wants me to write a function he can use to read a record from one of our files. He'll be working in Access, if that matters. . I got some help from a co-worker who has a procedure that is called externally. He told me that every other group here who needs to connect...
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  • AS400 / iSeries programmer / administrator from Bremen searches festival employment

    Search festival employment to 03. 04. 2017 in Bremen, or post code 28. (because of company site closing to 31. 03. 2017)
    Year of birth in 1969, manly
    qualified data processing businessman with 24-year-old work experience

    Computer languages: CL / CLLE, RPG/RPGLE,...
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  • VakarianWrex
    started a topic Edit code without changing source date

    Edit code without changing source date

    Hello. Is it possible at all, maybe there is a setting somewhere, to edit some lines of code without the source date changing? My scenario is that I'm working with free format and I put an if statement around a large chunk of code. I want to indent that all the code to keep it neat but I don't want...
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