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  • coding split personality

    Does anyone else switch back and forth between iSeries and Mainframe? If so, do you find it physically painful? (half-kidding)

    I started off working on our mainframe applications about 18 years ago. Eventually, I switched to ISeries and have been doing that more-or-less exclusively for about 6 years. Now they need me to split my time 50-50 (or 60-40 or 70-30) between the mainframe application and the iSeries applications.

    I agreed to do it, but after a week, I'm thinking it may have been a mistake.

    I just started wondering if anyone else does this, or if it is just me.

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    I'll see your IBMi+Mainframe and raise you IBMi+.NET. I wasn't given a choice to agree or not.


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      I have been in MS SQL Server world for 15 years, and now back to iSeries 75% . A bit of an adjustment !!


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        Yes, splitting between IBMi + ExtJS (Java script) can be a little frustrating. Especially when the RPG compiler doesn't recognize my ternary statements!
        Your friends list is empty!


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          At one time I was coding Windows, Unix and IBM i all at the same time. The biggest thing I struggled with was the editor, I found myself using editor commands for one editor when working in a different one. The languages weren't really a problem for me.


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            No problem because:
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