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Starting a 5250 session with automatic logon

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  • Starting a 5250 session with automatic logon

    I have a handful of machines (about 6) that need the green screen to logon automatically using the Windows name / password. These are single purpose machines that have limited access except to the applications I need.
    With Windows 10, the "Shared credentials" doesn't work consistently. In trying to get this to work. System is V7.3 and I tried using both 32 and 64 bit versions of java and ACS.

    One option I tried is just launching the acslaunch with the proper parameters.
    acslaunch_win-32.exe /plugin=logon /SYSTEM=RCH720A /userid=johndoe
    Nope. No errors, but never launches. Removed 32 bit, tried again with java 64 but get error "Error loading Java module".

    OK, so then I try the _netrc method. Seems I am missing one step - Check the box: Read netrc file for login information Well my version of ACS does not have this option under Edit->General. So this does not work either. I download the newest version I could find -- it still doesn't show up.

    Anyone got a suggestion here? Or, got it working? Or another method. I don't want the factory workers using this to need a password entry.

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    Sounds like Single Sign-on configuration is needed. The procedure is quite long winded, over here
    I don't know if there are other ways, but this way would surely work.