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  • CaptainRon
    started a topic Remote Journaling
    in DB2

    Remote Journaling

    So lets say I have 2 AS/400's. I journal on the production system. I want to access the journal on the development machine sometimes. I just want to do the basic dspjrn to a file but run the command on the dev machine against the productions journal . Is this possible without a 3rd party tool?
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  • Vinoth
    started a topic Recover Data from Journal Receiver

    Recover Data from Journal Receiver

    I need to recover data from Journal Receivers. I have the list of Journal receivers in my personal library, which i have restored from the tape drive- now i need read the journal entries in these receivers.

    I have all these receivers in the test environment - where i don't have the corresponding...
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  • Journaling - Updates made to table not showing in journal? Or, am I misinterpreting?

    Journal settings from the dspfd screen of the file i want to monitor:

    Journal images . . . . . . . . . . . . . . : IMAGES *BOTH
    Journal entries to be omitted . . . . . . . : OMTJRNE *OPNCLO
    Last journal start date/time . . . . . . . : ...
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  • Vinoth
    started a topic Journal / Journal Reciever

    Journal / Journal Reciever

    Hi, Thanks for the help on previous occasions, My query is, In our application, an invalid record has been inserted to a physical file.. two days back. i wann to find which job have updated tat physical file/ There is a journal associated with tat physical file.. i have tried with dspjrn.. ...
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